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The Gilberts of Compton

Click here to see a gigantic link diagram containing a study of the origins of the Gilbert family from ancient times through now.

The links below will take you to my cousin, Coni DuBois', fantastic genealogy website "Ever Widening Circle". There, she has recorded her Herculean efforts to trace every single one of her current and ancestral relatives who have ever lived in America. This includes her Native American roots.

Contributing to Coni's effort, my relatively small task is to track down the medieval origins of the line from which our 800 year old family descends- the Gilberts of Compton. (Yes, I know. Insert your own joke here.) I'll update these links as new articles are written.

Beginning the Quest for the First Gilbert

Origins of the Gilbert Surname in Devon

Gilberts and the Holy Grail

Sons and Daughters of Crispin?

American Knights

Dopplegangers, Mistakes, and Lies

Surprising Dip in the Gene Pool

The Two Greenways

The Gilbert Surname: Even Older Than We Thought

French Origins of the Gilbert Surname

The Noble Gilbert Women

The Man: Bernard James Gilbert

Colonial Gilberts

Gilberts at Hastings

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