Requiem for a Warrior

Your name was Warrior,

In the battle against yourself

you could only loose,

Consumed by consumption

(the daemon within)

all is lost- all is lost.

Only one mortal hand could

defeat you.

Only one mortal hand could

deliver the fatal blow.

You sank into the soil of

the battlefield,

your armies left behind

(when Thanatos spoke, was it

a warning, or destiny?)

The altar of Order and Chaos

stands unguarded.

Your brothers stand in empty circles.

In the battle fray

we could not reach you in time.

You reside in the ether

of which you have glimpsed.

Eternity is finally yours to know!

Who better to see?

This I say as one who has

looked into your soul:

Go, and seek the Gods, Brother-

Go, and seek the Gods.