I am wandering through a twilight woods,

misty and blue-shadowed.

I stumble upon a beautiful ruin,

mossy and forgotten by time.

It is silent and vine covered.

My eyes dart an my mind searches

for a way to take it all in.

I know not how to embrace this.

I walk among the broken stones,

sit and rest on a fallen white column,

Caress an ancient and sacred altar.

This is tragic strength,

and this place is Nature’s beauty.

(How do I breathe it?)

How may I keep this and not forget?

These stones invite me, but yet are stones.

I stand among them,

am surrounded by them,

But cannot carry them off

to a corner of my being.

There is peace here, this eternal moment.

There is rest here, at this calm place.

Should I wander back into the woods,

and become lost in the twilight,

(as so many have, and I have so many times)

I may never again find this unknown ruin.

So, I shall stay here and know it

a piece at a time.