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Science Fiction Works

Science of Shadow

A fan-fiction novella, Science of Shadow pays homage to the late Roger Zelazny's award-winning Amber series. While I recommend anything by Zelazny in general, I strongly suggest you read the first three to five books in the Amber series in order to fully understand what's going on my humble contribution. The first in the Amber series is Nine Princes in Amber - a serious page-turner!

Scinece of Shadow finds young Lord Bernard of Amber drawn into a far-reaching plot that threatens the order of the very Cosmos, itself. Lacking the usual tools possessed by his ancient relatives, strength and experience, Bernard must rely on his cunning alone. He's also not too shabby with a sword!

Standard of the General

WARNING: Graphic Content

This first novel was, on the surface, a first (and admittedly not award-winning) attempt at writing a long work. Looking more closely, though, we see a metaphor of transformation as I, at 26 years old, struggled with persistant violent fantasies. The question at hand was 'shall I live this kind of life, or that'.

Standard of the General was originally released on the literary website Motherlode, in a serial of eight installments. An experiment in minimalism, it painstakingly avoids proper names and setting descriptions (which I find bog down so many sci-fi novels in an orgy of needless exposition). For all you young'ns and hipsters out there, this book was begun before computers were a thing. It was written at first by hand and then on a word processor (which was a machine, not a program)!

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