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Short Works

Gilberts of Compton Wikipedia Article

Here is a link to my most recent WIkipedia article, which is a fully sourced wrap up of all my genealogy research through 2019.

Gilberts of Compton


With lock picks and nylon pry bar in hand, I set off to pentest the world...

I'm beginning to write monthly articles for the Advantage Kentucky Alliance newsletter in an attempt to raise awareness, not only of cyber threats (which is something done to death), but also of what practical steps can be taken in the defense.

Assessment - The First Step

The Zero Defects Problem

Car Reviews

There is something about cars that makes them ideally suited to represent phases of life, like the songs that form the background to our youths. Behind this might be how the car’s external form changes with the style of the day and, as Robert Persig put it, the “underlying form” of the evolving technology under the hood. These help us to mark time’s passage.

Below are links to my car reviews that appeard on Facebook some time ago (not in their original order). Look for your names in there!

BMW 325e

Buick Regal

Buick Skylark

Chevy Monte Carlo

Chevy Nova

Chrysler K

Chrysler Laser

Ford Escort

Ford F-100

Ford Gran Torino

Ford LTD

Ford Mustang II

GMC Sierra

Oldsmobile Cutlass

Pontiac 6000

Pontiac Sunfire

Toyota Camry

Toyota Prius

Sir George Scott Robertson

Here is a link to a Wikipedia article I wrote some time ago. I really can't remember how I got involved in this research to begin with.

George Scott Robertson

Dharma with a Handgun

While not the works I'm most proud of, they put food on the table. Before there were conspiracy websites and mass shootings every week, there was Paladin Press, Delta Books, and my publisher - Butokukai. Yes, kids, we had to print out and pass around by hand my generation's anti-government survivalist propaganda. And yes, I'm the guy responsible for making the price of the Marlin Camp Carbine jump from $185 to about $600. With that in mind, forgive the spelling errors. These were written on a typewriter and my editor missed them too. Here are links to some digital versions that exist out there somehow:

Marlin Camp Carbine Full Auto Conversion

Cobray M-11 Full Auto Conversion

Jim's New Car

This very short work is an actual account of a car accident I experienced in 1979. Beyond that, much beyond that, it is a tribute to my father. Anyone who knew Bernard James Gilbert called him "Jim", and loved him.

Jim was quiet and strong. A farm kid from Indiana, he worked hard for everything our little family had. When someone failed to yield, demolishing the family car, his reaction was surprising. I learned something that day.

Practical Sword Defense

Ok maybe not a short work per se but definitely not a novel, this is a draft instructional on the practical use of sword for self-defense in the modern world. You guys who are about to smirk and say "But, what if I had a gun?" (as if you were the first to ever think of that), hold up. Nobody is saying that a sword is superior to a gun in most cases, but you must certainly admit that it is far superior to baseball bats, 2x4s, golf clubs, and switchblades.

Department of Justice statistics suggest that we have little to worry about when it comes to death by handguns. Most assaults are unarmed ones, and of the armed ones most deaths result from bludgeons (think 'hammer to the forehead'). Get a sword! They're guided, never jam, and are suprisingly efficient on ammunition!

The Michigan Masturbation Incident

WARNING: Adult Language! (duh)

Here we have a brief and true account of how a laughing man on a road near Loch Ness, Scotland, and a masturbating man in a Michigan restaurant were both, somehow, important.

How a young man dealt with two awkward situations on opposite sides of the Atlantic, and what it told him about himself.

Selected Newspaper Articles

I've occasionally hired myself out as a defense analyst, writing opinions and editorials for newspapers. The links below will take you to some of these. Some of you are going to be angry! I look forward to your pissy emails.

An Interview with Rob Miller of Amebix

We, the Consumers of Information Warfare

Well, That's Something Else

Willful Ignorance is Tyranny

Axis of Civilization Needed

War's End, New Year

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